There are various ways to contribute to the Cathedral and its many service ministries. Below we have listed some of the different ways individuals and groups have shared their resources with us.

Background: Your Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception is the Diocesan Church that serves a faithful community of parishioners and the greater community of the entire Diocese. Our mission is to Build a Welcoming Community with Service to the Poor while sending out a message of Love and exhibiting a life of Prayer.


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Ways to Contribute

Recent changes in the tax code (Sec. 170(f) (17)) make it mandatory that receipts be available for all cash contributions deducted on your tax return. Itemized deductions for contributions to the Cathedral will require a direct deposit from your bank or your parish envelope. We track all contributions through the envelopes and can provide a year-end written statement of those contributions. It is very important to start now by using direct deposit or envelopes if you plan on deducting any contributions of cash on your tax return.


The use of envelopes insures our parishioner’s receive proper credit and a year-end statement of all monies contributed through the envelopes

Automatic Account Withdrawl

We have a number of parishioners who have opted for automatic transfer of their offering. This provides a simple method to offer support for the many ministries at the Cathedral on a regular basis. By filling out a simple form, a weekly or monthly dollar amount can be deducted from your checking account and forwarded directly to the Church account. Our envelopes provide a place for those givers to check a box and place the weekly envelope in the collection basket. This greatly facilitates our payment of operating expenses every week.

Direct Contribution

Direct Gifts of cash can be mailed directily to the Cathedral at 259 East Onondaga Street, Syracuse, NY 13202Gifts of stock can be mailed directly to the Cathedral or given through a registered stock broker.

Any gift can be designated to be restricted in its use by stipulating when and what the gift is used for.

Wills and Estate Planning

Some individuals may want to remember the Cathedral in their wills, and may restrict the donation to the various ministries or operations of the Cathedral. There are various ways to give from the estate through trusts, etc. A lawyer and tax professional may be needed to guide you through the complex laws in order to maximize the contribution and estate funds. Your wishes are the most important factor to be concerned with. We pray for all of our generous contributors.